MobilePASS App Bewertungen

Works very we’ll, better than the windows version

I’ve had to use mobilepass for a few years now and while I’m not a fan of two factor authentication, I am very, very pleased with how the mac version works on my computer. Instead of me having to click to show the authentication code, this program automatically switches from the login screen to the authentication number. I wish the Windows version would do the same thing.

Abruptly stopped working on the 21st of September

Same as another reviewer, suddenly stopped working in the middle of the day on 2017-09-21. Can’t get in to work VPN any more :(

Locked out for no reason

In the middle of the day, I went to reconnect to a VPN and generate a passcode. I type in my pin and nothing happens, effectively prventing me from accessing my VPN. I have no idea what went wrong.

There’s a bug that will lock you out!

If you don’t change your PIN before you run out of uses you will be locked out of the app and unable to change your pin. There is no warning, just a message saying you must change your pin, without a way to actually change it. You can only generate something like 150 passwords before you’re required to change your pin. I’ve since gotten in the habit of just changing my pin every month or so. The app is dumb enough that it won’t let you use your previous PIN when changing it, but if you change your PIN twice you’ll be able to use the same PIN you had before. The other thing that bugs the crap out of me is that once you generate a one time password, if you hit `return` you’ll be taken to the settings menu. Why not have this copy the passcode? 99% of the time that’s all you want to do. Clearly the guy who wrote this app does not have to live with it on a daily basis.

Missing one essential feature

Its an acceptable one-time password generator, but its really missing one essential feature: auto-copy of the generated unqiue password into your clipboard. Why make the user have to take the extra step of clicking a “Copy password” button every time? Also, there should be a setting that allows the option of going directly into the token of choice when launchig the app, to save the step of having to click from a list of tokens. ESPECIALLY if the user only has one token to use with the app. The less clicks for a frequent-use app like this, the better!

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